Kru Consulting delivers evidence-based and psychology-informed executive coaching, leadership development and change consulting to individuals, teams and organisations in Australia and globally.

" Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford

Drawing on the notion of a ‘crew’ collaborating to work together, our ‘Kru’ enables organisations to build, optimise and retain talent pools.  We partner with you to grow productive teams and guide the development of high-performing, resilient and purposeful leaders.

The Kru team features highly-qualified coaches, psychologists, facilitators and consultants, drawing from a substantial pool of experience in organisational change, leadership, team dynamics, career management, as well as personal and occupational health and well being.


We nurture self-aware, mindful and resilient leaders. Our clients consistently report that collaborating with us gives rise to healthier workplaces, where they are empowered to positively influence performance, relationships, career development and well being. We work with you to:

  • Embed a constructive and thriving ‘coaching culture’ in your business practice.
  • Build motivation, commitment and accountability.
  • Help you learn and implement tools, skills and mindsets that attract, develop and engage high            performers.
  • Ensure individuals’ strengths are recognised and exercised to their full potential.
  • Empower deliberate, considered and self-aware career path management.
  • Optimise effectiveness and resilience.Grow individual, team and organisational performance.



Everything we do at Kru Consulting is guided by our core values.  As a result, you can be clear on both our philosophy, and our commitment to you.


You know your business. Our job is to partner with you and develop tailored solutions together.



We say it as it is. We are tactful, open and honest. We don’t blame. We strive for responsibility and accountability.



We build and nurture real, lasting relationships. We grow human capital and connections to foster success.



We are inspired by each person’s creativity, adaptability and willingness to put in the effort once they find meaning in what they do.



Kru Consulting has built a flexible model of service delivery enabling us to work with clients nationally and globally. Our range of services includes individual coaching, professional supervision, facilitated group programs, team coaching, keynote speaking and consulting advice provided through face-to-face, phone and Skype contact.

The centrepiece of our work is executive, team and career coaching. Coaching fosters personal reflection and insights, and provides the tools to convert these into achievable plans for personal, professional and organisational development.

Some of the key services and programs that we offer are:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Making Sense of Leadership
  • Team Coaching
  • Resilient Leadership
  • Professional Supervision
  • Women in Leadership
  • Career Management
  • Change Consulting

Our services are always carefully tailored to each client’s needs, goals, and personal and professional context. In addition, we have the experience and capacity to design novel programs and build development experiences to suit your needs. We embrace the opportunity to innovate, and envisage a model of service that is best for any client.


We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and our capacity to work with a wide variety of clients across many sectors. If you are a professional striving for better performance and wellbeing for yourself or your team, please get in contact to find out how we can partner with you.

We understand that optimal performance and wellbeing in the workplace are best achieved through synchronicity in the attitudes, relationships, goals and values of individuals, teams, and their organisations. As a result, the scope of our services ranges from those tailored to a single individual or team, to interventions that encompass whole organisations or are delivered sector-wide.

Teams and organisations

Organisations often engage us to work with specific teams of people. For example, the finance department, executive team or company board. We partner with industry groups, change agents or sponsors to support teams or entire organisations. Involving teams and whole organisations maximises the potential for change through shared goal-setting, learning and commitment.



Individuals may engage us privately, or be sponsored by an employer or other organisation. Some organisations engage our services for individuals who have key leadership roles, or are facing notable challenges or transitions.


We have extensive experience working with people from across the public, not-for-profit and private sectors. Examples of sectors we support include:

  • Financial services
  • Accounting, professional services
  • Transport, construction
  • Energy, resources, agriculture
  • Healthcare, community health
  • Aged care, mental health
  • Emergency management
  • Education

These are just a few examples. If your sector is not listed, please ask us about our experience in your field, and what we have to offer.


Enduring relationships

We are committed to supporting you long-term, and providing a comprehensive service. We do not merely provide a ‘one-off’ intervention. We forge lasting and adaptive relationships so we can be there to support you through the many stages of your development. In this way, we partner with you to build capability that is both sustainable and systemic.

Systemic change

Our programs are designed with the ethos of priming your environment to optimise adaptive learning and sustaining development. By engaging career sponsors and facilitating peer coaching in a group or team context, we help you to foster and embed a coaching culture that creates real value and supports ongoing fulfilment of your goals.

Lived experience

Everyone at Kru is committed to engaging, each and every day, in the same practices that we aim to foster in our clients. We practice reflectively, in an environment where supervision and a coaching culture are integral to our professional development and pursuit of excellence. We are role models of the mindsets and actions that we promote, and embody this in all our interactions with clients and each other. We live it, because we know it works.

Holistic approach

Our services are rooted in a holistic approach, which is reflected in the diverse expertise of our team. We recognise the importance of both personal and professional flourishing in all its forms – including psychological and physical health and wellbeing. We look beyond more traditional blinkered perspectives on work performance, to instead consider and nurture the many elements of human and organisational wellness and success. Our team features psychologists, dieticians, nutritionists and physiotherapists who are available to help us provide a truly holistic approach.


Commercial intelligence

Our work is informed by critical insightful reflection into the priorities and pressures of business practice and commercial realities. Processes are designed to demonstrate a return on investment from the use of our services. We have expertise in using a wide range of tools to quantify and report on the measureable gains our programs bring to business performance, personal wellbeing and workplace culture.


We are committed to evidence-based practice, drawn from the best research from psychology and related disciplines. Our work is informed at every turn by evidence of efficacy. All of our services reflect best-practice approaches to building resilient, high performing and purposeful leaders who foster healthy, thriving places of work.